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Such Charming Liars - Coming July 30, 2024
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For all of Kat’s life, it’s just been her and her mother, Jamie—except for the forty-eight hours when Jamie was married and Kat had a stepbrother, Liam. That all ended in an epic divorce, and Kat and Liam haven’t spoken since.

Now Jamie is a jewel thief trying to go straight, but she has one last job—at billionaire Ross Sutherland’s birthday party. And Kat has figured out a way to tag along. What Kat doesn’t know, though, is that there are two surprise guests at the dazzling Sutherland compound that weekend. The last two people she wants to run into. Liam and his father—a serial scammer who has his sights set on Ross Sutherland’s youngest daughter.

Kat and Liam are on a collision course to disaster, and when a Sutherland dies, they realize they might actually be in the killer’s crosshairs themselves. Somehow Kat and Liam are the new targets, and they can’t trust anyone—except each other.

Or can they? Because if there’s one thing both Kat and Liam know, it’s how to lie. They learned from the best.

Accolades and Reviews
A Junior Library Guild Selection

★“McManus's plot goes into overdrive with ingenious and unexpected twists and turns. Kat and Liam are very sympathetic characters, and their personalities balance each other perfectly. McManus fans will devour this, and she will certainly earn some new fans as well.” — Booklist, starred review


★“While the mystery is thrilling, McManus also deftly explores themes of family, l­oyalty, love, and class. This might be McManus’s best yet — School Library Journal, starred review

The main and side characters alike are are nuanced and wholly realistic. The dual-narrative structure adds important context and perspective to Kat’s and Liam’s struggles, both past and present. The dialogue is snappy and sharp and melds well with the tight plot and quick pacing of the story. An unputdownable, deliciously twisty mystery. — Kirkus Reviews

The narrative slips into high gear, executing hairpin twists and exploding bombshells that catapult the tale to an electrifying close.” —Publishers Weekly

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